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Monday, July 26, 2004

Sorry To Do This 

I had really hoped to avoid the subject of Michael Moore as much as possible. But Jared has a disheartening and depressing report from the front, concerning the effect that this malicious propaganda is having on many of our troops. Men who are daily being asked to help defend a fledgling democracy are being told their lives are being wasted. It's one thing to lie to the home front. It's another thing altogether to get to men whose lives are on the line.

Troop morale is critical. Men who are in tough straits, under fire day after day, can at least console themselves with the morality of their mission. Morale matters, and men who are down on themselves, unsure of the rightness of their mission, are more likely to be depressed, more likely to get sick, injured, or wounded. Men who are prone to self-doubt are more likely to get killed.

And veterans are among the most effective anti-war speakers. One of them is now running for President.

Sadly, we on the right insisted on looking at Moore's film as ineffective argument, rather than the potentially effective propaganda. In the absence of effective pro-American propaganda of our own, all we have left is the facts.

I've posted links to, Christopher Hitchens's takedown, and Michael Isikoff's dissection over at the right. They'll stay up as long as we're over there. If you know anyone over in theater, send them the links, or send them the whole article. Their recollections of the film may be as muddy as the arguments they're seeing, so tell them to see the film again, having read the articles. Tell them to highlight the relevant passages, and look for those scenes in the film.

Above all, tell them that their mission is important, and that we're counting on them.

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