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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Coors Primary Endorsements 

Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera has endorsed Pete Coors in the Republican promary. It's kind of a two-fer for Coors, since it comes in the heart of Schaffer's conservative base, the Springs, and Rivera's a hispanic, whose support may be helpful against Salazar. The chance for Rivera to campaign statewide may also help the party among hispanics in the state, longer-term.

Rivera has some recent currency with social conservatives. Focus on the Family praised him only a few weeks ago, for refusing to issue a proclamation honoring the gay Pridefest Parade in the Springs.

At the same time, Jack Kemp, he of the Kemp-Roth Tax Reform of 1981, has also endorsed Coors over Schaffer. Kemp hasn't been much of a personal force since 1996, and I'm not sure how much weight this is going to carry. But to the extent that a tax-cutting, free-marketeer like Kemp matters, Schaffer can't be happy about this.

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