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Friday, June 11, 2004

Standing in Line 

I flipped by C-SPAN at about 11:00 last night, just before I turned in. This was 1 AM Eastern Time. Amazingly, people were still filing by at a pretty good clip. I guess if you've waited in line for 5 hours, you're going to finish up, but still. If it was like that around the clock, then over a quarter of a million people, including the ones in California, came to pay their respects.

And how about Gorbachev coming? I mean, I understand Thatcher, but this is like Jefferson Davis coming to Lincoln's funeral, had he lived. The man lost his party, his job, his country. If anyone were to be angry, you'd think it would be him. Certainly he was not, as CNBC just called him, a "staunch ally" of Ronald Reagan. But no, there he was, honoring the man who bested him. Gorbachev did try to change the Soviet Union, before the whole shell game collapsed on him. It sounds as though he realizes that even what happened was better for his people.

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