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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Campaign Ads 

Ah, you know it's campaign season here in Colorado now. We've had Pete Coors ads for a few days now, and now, John Kerry ads. I don't think there's any connection between that and the Emergency Alert System warning they just played, but you never know.

Weak stuff. Shots of the Profile in Capitulation mingling with the groundlings, and a list of milquetoast positions. Including "a strong military and strong alliances." The first part just isn't true.

As for he second part, the ad just happened to debut here on the day the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution backing the interim Iraqi government. This is like Dewey promising Victory in Europe during his 1944 campaign. Remember, Kerry was out there making lame NASCAR allusions just before the economy's job engine went from uga-uga-uga to vroooom. Please, John, promise me something else.

Kerry thinks Colorado's in play, that maybe Red Rocks is turning pink. Either his internal polls are showing him something nobody else sees, or it's a replay of his being suckered into running ads in Louisiana, of all places. I know, Kerry's thinking that all that enthusiasm for Wild Man Salazar will have coattails, but what does it say for your own strength when you're hoping to ride the state's Attorney General to victory? Go ahead, John. If you win here, the game's over anyway.

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