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Thursday, June 03, 2004

AFA Speech: Almost Covered 

President Bush gave the commencement address at the Air Force Academy yesterday. If you were unfortunate enough to have the Denver Post as your only source of news, you might not know what he said.

Oh, sure, they published the text of the address. But they also sent the eponymous Karen Crummy out to cover it. Once again, the folks over at the Rocky must be glad she's writing for the Post.

Of the 750 words devoted to the speech, Ms. Crummy give over a third to Democratic operatives, and the candidate himself. These comments are interspersed throughout the article, acting as a Greek chorus. In the case of Gary Hart, his official role as an adviser to the Kerry campaign goes unmentioned.

Contrast this with the Rocky, which reserves three paragraphs at the end of the speech for Senator Kerry (nothing wrong with that). The main difference is that the Rocky also takes time to mention the cadets. You know, the guys who are liable to be going over there to fight for us? Remember them? Remember where the speech is happening, Ms. Crummy? Think maybe their reactions (positive on the whole) are worth recording?

The Post's "analysis" consists of a further 675 words arguing that the President is desperate, being dragged down the drain by a failed Iraq policy and a country that's falling apart on his watch.

Two other notes on the President's fundraising speech Tuesday. The headline "Bush Bags Millions" is just a little crass, don't you think? And a secondary story on the cost of the police security (it comes to a little more than a dime per resident) also seems petty.

So now, we know what to expect when candidate Kerry comes here in a couple of weeks. A report that's largely critical of his speech, with plenty of Republican reponse. A headline emphasizing the money he's taking in, no doubt commenting on the average income of Aspen residents. And a sidebar on the cost of police protection.

Don't hold your breath.

Cross-posted at Oh, That Liberal Media.

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