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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Supreme Court Historian 

Even Don, a center-left lawyer friend of mine admits that Chief Justice Rehnquist is a fine historian. Now, I see that he's got a new book out about the disputed election of 1876. Next time somebody says that 2000 was the closest election in US history, show him this book.

Rehnquist is eminently readable, and I've enjoyed his two previous histories, The Supreme Court, a history of the Court, and All the Laws But One: Civil Liberties in Wartime. He wrote the latter book before September 11. He also wrote a book, Grand Inquests, about two federal impeachments, well before President Clinton's troubles. I remember reading advance word about this book before the 2000 elections, as well.

I don't know when I'll have time to read this latest effort, but two things are already clear: 1) there really is nothing new under the sun, and 2) somebody has to stop this man before he writes any more books.

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