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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Weather to Confuse Irving Berlin 

Yes, Easter Weekend here in Denver. Passover comes a little early, but not its earliest. Taxes are due this week. And it snows yesterday. Nothing terrible, just a couple of inches of wet, heavy snow, making a nice contrast with the pink blooms on the front yard's crabapple tree, and making yard work impossible yet again.

The big problem with these late snows is that we tend to end up with a lot of firewood from them. The weather is wetter, which means the snow has more water content, and the trees are still dry from the winter. Last year, we lost a pine tree in the back yard, and 1/3 of the crabapple in the front. Not to mention the branches from the shade tree in the back yard leaning dangerously on the power lines.

Typically, the sun's out in full force today, the snow has all but melted, greening yards and, one hopes, filling the reservoirs. Mmmm. Need the water, we do. Yes.

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