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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Texas Redistricting

For some reason, both the major media and the conservative portion of the blogosphere have been quiet about the Texas redistricting case. Given the courts mercurial nature of late, it's possible we're just not counting chickens. Powerline's Decaon points out that should the decision stand, it will all but assure the Republican House majority of surviving the traditional 6th-year backlash against the President's party.

As in Colorado, this was a partisan split, with the two judges appointed by Republicans forming the majority, with the Clinton appointee dissenting. Interestingly, the only thing, at least according to the Post, that the dissent could object to was the exclusion of disaffected Hispanics from Republican Henry Bonilla's district. This is a pretty thin reed, since it's clearly a political, not a racial minority, complaint. There's no evidence that the Hispanic vote, moved to another district, would be diluted, or that white Republicans in the new district wouldn't return the Hispanic Bonilla to Congress.

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