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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Idiotarian of the Year

Over at Little Green Footballs, the Idiotarian of the Year Voting for 2003 is underway. Michael Moore had won the primary, but St. Rachel of Corrie is bulldozing the competition in the final round, while my personal favorite, the International Solidarity Movement, languishes in 8th place. I can't feel too bad, since Dear Rachel is a special case of the ISM.

Last year's winner, Jimmy Carter, was excluded from this year's voting, on the grounds that it wouldn't be fair to the other worthy candidates. Since Jimmy's pretty much a perennial at this point, his exclusion is sort of an Idiotarian Lifetime Achievement Award. For some reason, I don't recall them mentioning this at the Carter Center...

Go to LGF, and do your patriotic duty. Vote for whomever you like, as long as it's ISM.

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