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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Campus Conservatives Coordinate

American Kestrel has already commented on this Denver Post story, but I thought I'd comment at a little greater length.

The College Republicans over at CU are setting up a site where, after proper vetting, reports of inappropriate liberal campus bias will be posted. The students need not have suffered gradewise for their beliefs, which always seemed to me to be a hollow standard at best.

Fact is, this isn't be done to persuade liberals of anything. They're beyond convincing. This is for the public debate, which they're well on their way to losing, too. The Academic Left has moved from denying a bias exists, to denying that it shows up, to denying that it matters. Nobody outside the 93% of professors who voted for Gore believes this any more.

This really isn't about blacklists. It's about building a case. With speech codes and judicial codes already in place, any disaffected lefty has a whole host of institutions to turn to if he feels wronged. In the meantime conservative newspapers are stolen, groups defunded, activities denied access, speakers shouted down or worse. A responsible debater says, "make your case." The Left simply denies there's a case to be made.

My friend JB over at the Rocky Mountain Progressives sounds, for all the world, just like a parody of himself. Actually, he sounds more like a parody of how the left remembers the "older generation" of the 60s. I don't think he's actually been cast in the local dinner-theatre production of "Bye-Bye Birdie;" for all I know, he can't even sing. All I know is that the Left has been carrying this particular tune for a long, long time. If the best argument he can come up with is the ghost of Joe McCarthy (a fine, fine baseball man, by the way), and that this particular activity doesn't create jobs, he's pretty much at the end of his fake book.

What's funny is how truly unobjectionable all of this really is. And how very, very threatening.

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