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Sunday, December 14, 2003


OK, I know the big news of the day, and we'll get to that shortly. But at the moment, CSPAN II is airing a tape of Diane Rehm's public radio interview with Jimmy "Mr. Peanut" Carter about his new novel. (Diane Rehm is the host on whose show Howard Dean all but accused President Bush of having been warned by the Saudis about 9-11.) The novel is set during the colonial period, and a caller just asked about the status of slaves during the Revolution, when the British encouraged them to flee in order to destabilize the states and the Revolution.

Our ex-President just said that the "Governor of Virginia actually free several hundred slaves, to form units to help fight against the Revolution. Unfortunately, that effort was aborted when the soldiers in those units contracted smallpox."

Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen. "Unfortunately" soldiers fighting for the British died. I give you our 39th President. Do with him what you will.

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