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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Axis of Weevils

We need a name for the steady drip-drip-drip of Democrats, some of them quite liberal otherwise, who are taking a responsible position on the war. So far, we've got Roger L. Simon, Sen. Joe Lieberman, Rep. Gephardt, Sen. Zell Miller, and now Orson Scott Card. I like, "Axis of Weevils."

When I was growing up, the term for a right-leaning Democrat, usually from the South, was "Boll Weevil." He could be counted on to give something like the Reagan tax cuts a fair shot. They competed with the left-leaning Republicans, usually Northern, called, "Gypsy Moths." I suppose the idea was that each was a pestilence to his party's leadership.

if anyone fits the bill it's Sen. Miller, but you don't hear the terms so much any more. Part of the reason is that the species themselves are rarer, although the Republicans are certainly more competitive in the northeast that the Democrats are in the South.

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