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Monday, December 15, 2003

Muslims Promote Tolerance

For themselves. Look, they're right. Most American Muslims are good citizens, like you and me. One of my profs this coming quarter is an Iranian who's been in the states for years; very pro-American, would like nothing better than for the mullahs to be swinging from lampposts. That's they're best advertising: walking the talk. Not sitting there playing the crimeless victims, beating us over the head, telling us how bad we ought to feel for worrying that some of them might be hostile.

There are about 4 million Muslims in the US. In a country with over 290 million people of other religious faiths, almost all of which have suffered some ill-treatment by Muslims abroad, there have been a handful of violent incidents, and a handful more of graffiti or vandalism. In France, a country with a few million Muslim immigrants, there have been hundreds of violent anti-Semitic attacks, against the persons, possessions, and synagogues of the Jews there. You do the math.

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