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Monday, December 15, 2003

Axis of Weasels' Guest Fifth Columnist

Ibrahim Kazerooni, Imam of the larger mosque in Denver, and refugee from Saddam Hussein's Iraq, has thrown his support behind Saddam's backers as only the enemy of his enemies could do. Kazerooni's considered a moderate, which means he isn't calling for the all-out destruction of the country that saved both him and his homeland from the freakish monster now in custody, and starring on the late-night talk show monologues. No, he just wants us to turn everything over to the UN, after apologizing to them.

Kazerooni is a Shiite. This isn't a problem in and of itself, of course. Lots of people, including all the pro-American Iranians demonstrating in the streets, are Shiite. But in an Iraq where the Shiite clergy is currently trying to rig the process so they get to start out with all the goodies, one has to wonder a little about the code words this Shiite cleric is using.

By dismissing smart political theater as mere stuntsmanship, Kazerooni downplays the symbolic aspects of this struggle. One doubts that they'd bother him so much if they weren't so effective. Apologize to the UN? What, is he nuts? Every sin he accuses us of is one we'd accuse the UN and our so-called allies of. What's more, we were right, and they, simply, were wrong.

Finally, he wants the UN to run the economic and political reconstructiong efforts because we lack credibility with the Iraqis on the street. Exactly whom does he really think will have more credibility: those who tried to keep Saddam in power, or those who now have him in prison?

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