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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Not all Bad in Academia

DU has issued a new suggested reading list for incoming freshmen. It's not for any given class, so it's hard to see why they'll read it, but it's pretty un-PC, and contains a joyfully disproportionate number of Dead White Men on the list. Sure, it's got the obligatory Maya Angelou tucked down there at the bottom. But it also has selections from Thurber (note to Powerline: now we know who reads Thurber nowadays), E. B. White, Thomas Jefferson, and Isaac Asimov.

There's an article by someone named Gloria Naylor, which seems to argue for the superiority of feelings over thought, and the superiority of the spoken over the written word, so I guess we haven't escaped PC altogether. And the two scientists on the list, Asimov and Stephen Jay Gould, are no rightists. But Asimov's article argues for the benefits of a liberal education, and Gould sticks to science. In 5 years, I'm sure they'll have let Steinam kick Jefferson off the list, and replace Thurber with Al Sharpton's greatest hits. But for now, not a bad start.

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