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Thursday, August 14, 2003

But Can He Pitch?

The state corrections department has sent the mentally ill inmate who murdered serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to Colorado in exchange for four inmates who will be moved to Wisconsin. Christopher Scarver will join the prison system's AAA club at Centennial Correctional Institution in Canon City.

The surprise move, coming just before the inter-prison trading deadline, bolsters a Colorado prison system that had been on the decline in recent years. "Ever since we lost Tim McVeigh a few years ago, things have kind of been in a holding pattern. We've still got the Unabomber and the first WTC bomber here, but you never really know how long these guys will stick around," said agency head Kevin Potter. "Here we're getting a guy who we think still has many good years left." Scarver's last major score came in 1994, when he killed Dahmer at the Columbia Correctional Facility.

The four inmates leaving Colorado for Wisconsin include some top prospects, and some hopefuls who don't appear to have been crazy enough to keep around. "Maybe a change of scenery will help them," said Potter.

"We’re concerned that this could be a worse facility," Scarver's agent Ed Garvey, said. "You can practically smell Florence from there, and we're hoping he can move up to join the big club before the rosters expand at the end of August."

Scarver was not available for comment, but said, through a statement, that God told him to accept the trade.

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