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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Liberal Talk Radio

KNRC, AM-1150, hosts a series of not-very-bright center-left talk shows throughout the day. Greg Dobbs, a former ABC newsman, leads the pack in the morning, andin the course of a rant about how terrible everything is in Iraq, a daily theme of his show, he tried to sneak in some quote analysis on the President. The way he did so is telling. Dobbs spends a tremendous amount of time on the casualties over there. In order to magnify his claims and to discredit the President, he quotes Bush has having declared "an end to combat," which he didn't. Dobbs then rants on about how "combat is still going on," which nobody, not even the President, disputes.

Following that, he quoted the President's speech about the progress we've made, a speech clearly intended to remind people about why we're over there. Dobbs proceeded to interpret the President as claiming that Iraq is currently democratic and prosperous. "And saying so doesn't make it so," he thundered. In order to discredit the President, he takes misquotes him where convenient, and misinterprets and willfully misunderstands him in another case. Soif you can't answer the case that's actually being made, make up a case and answer that one.

I find this sort of disingenuousness troublesome when it comes from conservatives, too; I hope we're better than that most of the time. Medved does this from time to time, and Mike Gallagher is among the worst offenders. Thanks goodness for the Hugh Hewitts and Dennis Pragers. But it's standard fare for the left, better than much of it now. When Modo makes up quotes and Krugman makes up facts, maybe this is the best we can hope for right now.

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