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Monday, August 11, 2003

Heart and Soul

According to the Jerusalem Post (registration required), the Israeli government has decided that the Temple Mount will be opened to non-Muslims with or without the approval of the Wakf. While most Orthodox Jewish authorities rule that Jews may not visit the site, some, such as the late Rabbi of the IDF ruled that the edges of the Temple Mount are permissible to Jews. But it's of at least historical interest to Christians, too, and in any case, if Jews choose not to visit, that should be their choice, not that of the Wakf.

For years, the Muslims have wantonly violated the status quo, digging up and destroying evidence of the Temples, planting trees with deep roots to break up any relics beneath, excavating a new mosque, and basically doing there what they do everywhere someone else has a holy site they end up in custody of - erasing any evidence of its non-Muslim past. Sadly, the Israeli authorities have acquiesced in this destruction of our heritage, fearful of a reaction should they resist. It's good to see them at least re-asserting a minimal status quo ante to the site.

Somebody needs to teach these people how to share.

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