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Sunday, August 03, 2003

Saddam's Daughter Speaks

MSNBC has published a report of an interview with one of Saddam's daughters, Raghad, now living in Jordan. She apparently believes that Saddam was betrayed by those close to him, evidence that even paranoids have enemies. Among the gems:

“It was clear, unfortunately, the people who he had absolutely trusted ... as I understood, the main betrayal was by them,” said Raghad, who described her father’s ouster as “an act of treason.”

“If somebody doesn’t like you, they should not betray you,” she said. “Betrayal is not a trait of Arabs.”

Uh-Huh. "Betrayal is not a trait of Arabs." So they cheerfully sent their husbands back to a father who would make widows of his daughters.

Usually, the daughter is close to her mother, but we would usually go to him. He was our friend.”

So no wonder Uday and Qusay turned out the way they did: their father just didn't have the heart to tell them "No."

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