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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

More on Iran

How quickly the foreign policy establishment moves to rein in rogue presidents. Barely 7 weeks ago, Lileks wrote this. Now, the administration is letting Iran know that they don't actually have anything to fear from us. I seriously hope this is a) another attempt by the State Department to undermine the administration, or b) brilliant misdirection by the folks who proposed, in Iraq, to fight it out along these lines if it took all summer, which they knew it wouldn't. I've been wrong here before, about Israel, about the administration's commitment to it. It's as though the ship of state is one of those Viking or Greek triremes, with all the strong guys on the left side of the boat. The coxswain can sit there and beat the drum all he wants. But unless there's someone at the back, forcing the rudder full right, the boat's going to drift, even without the strong currents we're facing right now.

Just bomb the damn thing, already. The sword is out. When you see the enemy's metalsmiths working on a sword and armor of his own, you go over, hack off his head, and throw the whole mess into the furnace.

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