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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The Post also has an extended report on the Muslim anti-Semitic violence in France, and more aggressive attempts by the French to combat it. The French have historically insisted on radical assimilation, something which the Muslim immigrant population there has resisted, but which the Jews, given Europe's history, have eagerly embraced. Buried in the report is this quote from a French Jewish woman, whose husband, a university professor, was the victim of a gang attack:

Worse, says his wife, is a feeling that they suddenly have become outsiders. "My husband is a product of the French elite system. We're French citizens. We have lots of non-Jewish friends. But in just two minutes we were reduced to being Jews."

"Reduced to being Jews." These exact words could have been spoken 70 years ago as Hitler took power. Unlike some, I wouldn't read this as an attempt to escape from their Jewish identity. It's more of a reference to Europe's history, where, for about 1000 years, Jews were seen as somehow incomplete as human beings.

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