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Friday, July 11, 2003

Paul Childs Update

The Denver Post reports on a peaceful demo in support of Paul Childs and his family. Some moron distributed a leaflet calling for violence, and about the only thing he did was unleash a posse who wanted to lynch him. Even the Rev. Martin is chagrined to see his remarks taken out of context, and it appears that the racial angle is indeed of less interest than I had feared. Of course Johnnie Cochran, that itinerant attorney who travels from city to city looking for rights to wrong, hasn't actually shown up yet. But if the basic message he gets is that a civil suit is fine, as long as he doesn't try to destroy the city in the process, this is all to the good.

So far, though, the responsible focus has been entirely on rule of engagement, with footnotes and middle-of-the-story paragraphs mentioning the hiring practices that put this schlub on the force to begin with.

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