View From a Height
Commentary from the Mile High City
Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Last night, the ADL and AIPAC hosted a public education meeting at one of the local synagogues, Rodef Shalom. The worst elements turned out to protest the event, and here they are. We did form a counter demo, so the police kept them on their side of the street, and we kept to ours. Although, as is typical of these "peaceful" folk, three times one of them crossed over to our side. A couple of things to notice about the picture below:
  • The policeman (who afterwards accepted thanks from our side) standing in front of them to keep them in line
  • The obligatory Israel = Nazi Germany signs
  • The lack of American flags
  • The sign on the right equating Jews with Nazis
  • The skinhead(!) standing behind that sign

    We spent the evening singing Hatikvah and making fun of them. At one point, they started the thuggish chant "No Justice, No Peace." Joe, a real firebrand in his 60s, started chanting it back at them, and for a few moments, both sides were chanting the same thing. Eventually, they scratched their heads and stopped.

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