View From a Height
Commentary from the Mile High City
Monday, May 05, 2003
Dr. James Dobson has come out with a statement about WJB's alleged "gambling addiction." WJB has admitted no such addiction, just a bad habit. But Dr. Dobson probably knows something about whereof he speaks - Colorado Springs is a short drive away from two of Colorado's small-stakes gambling towns, Cripple Creek and Victor. As one of the short-lived alternative newspapers pointed out a few years ago, the real crime of the gambling industry isn't that it seduces addictive personalities. Small-stakes gambling can take forever to run through any amount of real money. It's that it renovates old buildings in such a way that they can only be used for casinos, and then abandons them for new, larger casinos. So much for saving the historic atmosphere of Central City and Black Hawk.

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