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Commentary from the Mile High City
Tuesday, April 29, 2003
The Colorado Campaign for Israeli Surrender, er, Middle East Peace (they'd re-make a desert and call it peace) is planning to picket a synagogue(!) over an Israeli Independence Day choral concert May 7th.

Look again at that sentence.

They've gone to picketing a Jewish house of worship - protesting against Jews for being Jewish, in effect. So much for being anti-Israel without being anti-Semitic.

Did I mention this is happening two blocks from my house?

We are planning a counter-demo, mostly to give the police a reason for moving them across the street to the school parking lot, and allowing concert-goers to enter the shul without being harassed and called Nazis.

But this is ridiculous. How long is it before they find out that some rabbis - gasp! - give sermons supporting Israel, and decide to picket, or disrupt, Shabbat services? My feeling is that they've crossed a red line here, significantly ratcheting up the temperature, and that this represents a further mainstreaming of anti-Semitic rhetoric.

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