View From a Height
Commentary from the Mile High City
Tuesday, April 29, 2003
As part of our Management Information Systems course, we had to take a look at a "webinar," basically a narrated Powerpoint presentation, on data mining and its uses. The case study was Harrah's hotels and casinos. While it was essentially 5 minutes of content packed into 30 minutes of talk, what really stood out is the galloping corporate debasement of the English language.

One term I particularly liked was "marketing intervention," basically meaning marketing to existing customers based on their behaviors. But the term sounds like a SWAT team from Harrah's marketing department that storms into a guest's hotel room as he finishes taking of his jacket, turning on the TV and splashing a little water on his face. They lock the door, express sincere, heartfelt concern over this destructive affinity he has for the fountains over at the Bellagio, and demand and destroy his Caeser's Player's card. Then, they give him a voucher for some free drinks at the bar and escort him down to Harrah's roulette wheel.

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