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Monday, February 17, 2003
Here's what we got from the AP, in a story about the San Fran Demo:

In Denver, about 300 people waving American Flags and holding signs proclaiming "war is bad, evil is worse" also gathered Sunday in support of using force against Iraq.

"I support our president and I support my sons. This is the only option," said Pam Pearson, 49, who has two sons in the Navy. "I'd rather force Sadaam out than have to play by his rules."

I have no idea where they got 300. Maybe their only standard of comparison was their high school gym. Or maybe they can only count to 3, but they knew there were more than 30 and fewer than 3000. This isn't bias, it's fabrication, and it calls into question, by at least a factor of 2, Saturday's and Sunday's anti-war crowd estimates.

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