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Monday, February 17, 2003

Rally Coverage

For the moment, just links to coverage. We report, you decide.

  • Denver Post
  • Rocky Mountain News
  • Rocky Mountain News II
  • Channel 9 (NBC)

    A couple of notes. The Post story is pretty fair, although it probably gives more ink to the 50 sloganeering anti-war types who showed up across the street than is necessary. While it's pretty reprehensible that one of our guys yelled out "Bomb Islam," it shows how important it is not to get into shouting matches with these guys. I was pleased that the wrap-up speaker specifically asked us to ignore them. There are a lot of emotions involved here, as well as reason, and when you get too emotional, you say dumb things.

    The News concentrated on the variety of people who showed up, and how far they came to get there. A lot of immigrants, from India, Russia, and Mexico. The News also has a second story about the parents of soldiers who have shipped out. The rally meant a lot to them, too.

    Channel 9's Web report was written by a "web producer," who evidently didn't attend. She, too, uncritically quotes the 300 number (see above), and gives about 1/3 of the ink to about 1/30 of the people in attendance.

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