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Tuesday, February 18, 2003
For our MBA, we need to take a career development and leadership class. While the career development part is geared more to the day students, the leadership part is interesting, and even useful. For class, we needed to present a profile of a leader of our choice. I chose George Washington. To anyone who thinks they know this guy, I would highly recommend Richard Brookheiser's Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington.

The guy who followed me picked, I'm not making this up, Jimmah Carter. Of course, he focused primarily on his post-presidency, there not being much to grab onto before that. It was interesting to see the list of conflicts into which Carter has stumbled, as published by the Carter Center. Virtually none of them has actually been resolved, and yet this has done nothing to damage either Jimmah's faith, or that of his followers, in negotiation as the best means of international conflict resolution. It may be fine for border disputes that stand on their own, or fishing rights. But the guy's been to Venezuela, what, 3 times?

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