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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
The Denver City Council voted 7-3 last night for a resolution opposing war with Saddam. The thing is a laundry list of nonsense arguments and half-truths. It is a harvest of self-contradiction.
  • It actually cites an opinion poll as the basis for support.
  • It notes, without irony, that Iraqi citizens (especially, of course, "the children," who don't vote here, either, see the Constitution) have no control over the actions of their government. Um, isn't that the point? Of course, they don't have any control - the country's a dictatorship. The resolution explicity supports keeping a dictator in power.
  • It cites the cost of going to war; no mention, naturally, of the cost of further attacks.
  • It repeats the nonsense of a "unilateral war," and holds Gulf War I up as the gold standard for a coalition. I could list the countries on our side, but you already know them.
  • We should lead by example, not emulation of our enemies? Who, exactly, are we expecting to follow this example? They admit that our enemies are everything they say we are: bellicose, warlike, dangerous, lawless, and, ahem, "unilateral."
  • It calls for a vote of Congress, while admitting that they've already debated and voted. Evidently, they didn't like the vote the first time.
  • Nobody outside the loop even knew this thing was coming up for debate before 6:00 last night. If they're so eager for "full public debate," why did this need to be scheduled in secret?
    Good Grief! Even Charlie Brown abstained. This wasn't "grass-roots democracy at work," as one activist-without-a-life put it. It was the hijacking of a public body for purposes well beyond its charter.

    The only thing I'm sorry about is that only two of the supporters of this monstrosity are up for re-election, the others having been term-limited out of office. And one of them is running unopposed. The other is in a seat so safe you need to be registered Democrat to be drawn into the district.

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