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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
The Denver Post carries some very cheerful news this morning about the Colorado Senate and concealed-carry permits. The lead and second paragraph, in what the editor and reporter no doubt think is cute repartee, liken to debate to an old-west shootout, conjuring up images of inert bodies. But once we get to the actual facts, the news is good indeed.

The Senate passed a shall-issue law, and rescinded the rights of local communities to defy it. These are two separate bills, and the governor may or may not sign them. This may seem unfair to Minturn and Vail, but it's really intended to prevent Denver and Aurora from setting up another barrier. The thing died last year in the Senate, when the Democrats controlled the chamber, but the party leadership supported the bill. This year, the Republicans, with an 18-17 majority, were able to pass it, 18-16, despite two defections. That means that two Democrats also crossed party lines, but they aren't named in the article.

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