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Wednesday, January 01, 2003
A nice New Year's Eve. Trying to revive an idea from a couple of years ago, Denver put on a fireworks display downtown on the 16th Street Mall. They had suspended it in the wake of September 11, given that people might be a little bit nervous about explosives going off in the business district of a major metropolitan area. The fireworks were a little lame, to be honest, but one hopes they'll improve with time. We had a super vantage point at the end of the mall, and a number of other cameras were set up as well.

Immediately after the 10:00 fireworks ended (the show was repeated at 12:00), it started to snow, and they're expecting 1-3" by morning. This is a big deal, and a wonderous thing to have happen. We need the snow more than most years, and we're all hoping it's an omen for 2003. Mashiv Haruach uMarid HaSheleg.

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