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Tuesday, December 24, 2002
On the subject of shutting down religious institutions, Concordia University has finally taken steps to shut down an offending student religious group on its campus. Naturally, it's Hillel.

Both The Jewish Week and Hillel are following the controversy, which seems to revolve around some pamphlets left at Hillel's table urging students to go join the IDF. The Jewish Week article does a decent job with the details, noting that the University administration is pleading powerlessness in the face of the Student Union action. (They claim that the Student Union is the same thing as a labor union, which can only mean that these guys have been out of school for a long time.) The vote itself appears to have violated by-laws by taking place without a quorum. Hillel claims it didn't know anything about the pamphlets, and the Jews on campus had the guts to hold an Official Hillel Channukah Party, anyway. Good for them.

Now the CSU has agreed to reinstate Hillel if it signs a pledge to oppose a theoretical "war," presumably meaning that it shouldn't encourage Jews in Israel to defend themselves. It doesn't appear they're asking any Muslim student groups to oppose actual violence, somewhat, er, closer to home.

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