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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"Margin of Litigation" 

That's the term that John Fund uses to describe how many votes Republicans will have to win by in order to avoid court battles over balloting. Certainly given the "bloody shirt" waving over Florida, part of the Democratic strategy is to prepare the ground ahead of those lawsuits by seeding the press and public with the notion that the process is biased against them. Clearly the people can't be trusted, so we must resort to lawyers.

Yesterday, on Fox News, a Democratic operative changed the subject from campaign violence, calling Republican concern over having their offices ransacked mere cover for organized attempts by Republican Secretaries of State to disenfranchise voters and suppress the turnout.

This morning, we read that the same local Democrats who have been complaining that Secretary Davidson's rules were too strict, are now worried that her extending the deadline is a political ploy. One would like them to make up their minds, but when your goal is to sow doubt ahead of time, any straw will do.

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