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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

We're No. 9! We're No. 9! 

Last year, DU's Daniels School of Business came in 44th in the Wall Street Journal rankings. They threw all the schools together, and polled recruiters on various attributes of the graduates. This is different from a traditional ranking survey, which tends to use student polls and numbers like selectivity and GMAT scores.

This year, the Journal broke the rankings up into National, Regional, and International programs, and DU came in 9th in the country in the Regional category, ahead of some pretty serious programs: Emory, Wake, USC, and UT Knoxville (sorry, professor).

The paper also polled about specific qualities, and I'm happy to say that DU students only cheat more than 4 other school, one of which is U.Va.'s Darden, which placed 4th.

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