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Monday, September 20, 2004

Coors and the Hispanic Vote 

One of the realistic assertions from the Rocky's poll was that Coors is getting crushed among Hispanic voters, 68-23. Coors has, in fact, constantly been behind the curve with this demographic:

  • Coors has no Spanish-language version of his website

  • He has allowed Salazar to define the election in terms of health care and education, two issues key to Hispanic voters

  • He hasn't confronted Salazar on judges; a key victim of Democratic filibusters was Manuel Estrada

  • Neither Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera nor 1st House District nominee Roland Chicas has been featured in the campaign

Even the war could be used effectively. While Hispanics tend to be more skeptical of the war, it doesn't seem to be a defining issue for them. (I backed out the numbers from a recent Gallup survey, comparing Black and Non-hispanic White attitudes on the war; Hispanics seem about evenly split on the war.)

Nobody expects Coors to win the Hispanic vote, but he needs to make better use of what assets he does have if he expects to win the state.

Cross-Posted at Salazar v. Coors.

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