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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Post Still Doesn't Get It 

In that online chat, Washington Post Associate Editor Robert Kaiser said, paraphrasing, that he didn't see any evidence that the terrorists objected to the Bill of Rights.

From today's Weekly Standard site, by Stephen Schwartz:

At the 21st ICNA Annual Convention, held at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, in 1996, Imam Hamza Yusuf declared, "I am a citizen of this country not by choice but by birth. I reside in this country not by choice but by conviction in attempting to spread the message of Islam in this country. I became Muslim in part because I did not believe in the false gods of this society whether we call them Jesus or democracy or the Bill of Rights or any other element of this society that is held sacrosanct by the ill-informed peoples that make up this charade of a society. . . . [T]here should be no voting or debate . . . [W]e have no room for ayes or nays."

One of President Bush's themes is that the Islamicists hate not what we do, but what we are. Robert Kaiser still doesn't get it.

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