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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Salazar on Foreign Policy 

In a taped-for-TV debate with Mike Miles, Ken Salazar has apparently fallen into line with John Kerry's views on Iraq:

"In a word, we need to de-Halliburton Iraq," said [Mike] Miles, only to see Salazar follow up momentarily with:

"I agree we need to de-Halliburton Iraq."

Salazar called for more international involvement in Iraq, including that of the United Nations, and blamed the war on "some of the most massive intelligence failures seen in this country."


When asked about homeland defense and the Patriot Act, Salazar referred to his two terms as Colorado's attorney general in calling for more training for police and other authorities who might find themselves dealing with terrorist attacks.

The Patriot Act, he said, needs amending, but he didn't say how.

"De-Halliburton Iraq?" Sure, let's turn over contracting and reconstruction to the UN, who did such a bang-up job with UNSCAM program. I understand they may have very close relations with the insurgents there.

This is just irresponsible talk, and more indication of why the Democratic party needs another four years' rest to get their foreign policy act together. Salazar is willing to bash the Patriot Act rather than defend its provisions. He wants to bring in a UN which, in its hostility to the US, is willing to sacrifice freedom on the altar of its sovereignty fetish.

Worst, he shows no understanding of the larger picture. For Ken Salazar, the war in Iraq was about intelligence failures. In reality, it was about helping people in Middle East get a sandbox where they can build something of their own, rather than destroy what they can't have.

I can see why he'd rather talk about health care.

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