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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Edwards and the Colorado Senate Race 

Yesterday, I surmised that Edwards's profession as a trial lawyer wouldn't do him much good here, and that it might even hurt Attorney General Ken Salazar's run. Salazar was clearly put on the defensivelast Thursday by his support from the ATLA, but he's also seemingly decided to run vocally with Kerry and against Bush. By closely associating himself with the Democratic ticket, he opens an opportunity for the Republican nominee.

This morning's Rocky discusses exactly this issue:

In Colorado, Democratic U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette and Mark Udall both noted Tuesday that being a lawyer became controversial in 1996, when Democrat Tom Strickland first ran for U.S. Senate.

Republican U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard bashed Strickland then, and in their rematch in 2002, for his work as a corporate lawyer and lobbyist.


The campaign for Attorney General Ken Salazar - who also has won Edwards' support in his quest for U.S. Senate - said Edwards' work as a trial lawyer is "irrelevant."

Udall disagreed, noting, "Our history is replete with leaders who have been lawyers who understand the way the law works.

"The trial bar at its best looks after the little guy. ... And that's what John Edwards does," he said.

Salazar not only has Edwards's support, according to the FEC, he's got campaign contributions from him. Strickland, an attorney himself, downplays the role that had in his two losses, and Udall, running in a safe Boulder seat, is free to play up the angle. But if Salazar's campaign is as terse as it sounds, he may be a little worried. He's also the only current office-holder or candidate who wants to claim this doesn't matter.

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