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Friday, March 19, 2004

Kerry Implodes 

It's been a very bad week for John Kerry. I'm not sure what Terry McAuliffe had in mind, but I'm sure this wasn't it.

Kerry's foreign policy position goes from bad to worse. When we wanted to know which foreign leaders (or, more leaders) had endorsed him, we got to find out it was an appeasement-minded Spanish prime minister-elect, and a former Malaysian PM who thinks that the only reason Bush takes the positions he does is because of the Jewish lobby. Tape of his Face the Nation appearance has John Kerry calling John Kerry "irresponsible." And he tries to defend his "irresponsible" vote by saying that "I did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."

The American Thinker had a piece about 6 weeks ago describing Bush in business school. They mentioned that he was a very successful poker player, and that one of his most successful strategies was to get opponents to bet heavily on losing hands. John Kerry, by shifting the debate to foreign policy, is betting heavily on a losing hand.

Then, today, Kerry went out snowboarding, fell down, or was run into by a Secret Service agent protecting his life.

Some reporters asked him what happened, and he called the guy an SOB. Morey Engle, longtime Denver Post photographer, recalled the time that he met Thomas Dewey on a campaign stop here in Denver. Some kids had composed a letter to Dewey, and

When they set out to deliver it, then encountered New York State troopers at every turn. Final Pocky and I suggested that the go to the presidential suite floor. When Dewey emerged from the suite, the kids rushed up to him with their letter. He started to push them away, but them saw my camera. He managed a half-hearted glance at the letter, but as he pushed his way past Pocky and me, he said, "You sons-of-bitches." At that point, I knew he would never be president.

    Morey Engle, Denver Comes of Age

Remind you of anyone?

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