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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

More on the Haifa Underground 

Maariv reports that the Knesset Speaker has called for some extreme Jewish MKs to tone down their criticism of Arab MKs, fearing that their strident rhetoric might legitimize violence against them.

In a discussion with all heads of the parliament’s factions, Rivlin called on all MKs to refrain from voicing words that could be interpreted as incitement towards their Arab colleagues and legitimize harming them.

Apparently, the Haifa underground, mentioned before here, planned to kill a number of leading Arab MKs, including Ahmed Tibi, a close advisor to Arafat. Yes, that's right, an Arab MK is also an advisor to Arafat. The members of the underground have been arrested, and are staring at a long time staring at cinderblock walls.

“I left the meeting with a terrible feeling that we, the Arab MKs, have become a clear and immediate target for assassins. There is no doubt the country is quickly becoming a racial state,” [MK Mohammed Barakeh] said.

Well, Mr. Barakeh, I beg to differ. You yourself are a member of the Knesset. You may debate there either in Hebrew or in the other official language, known colloquially as, "Arabic." The members of this little cabal are under lock and key, and, unlike murderers abroad on the other side of the fence, not likely to see the light of day for a long time. The Speaker of the Knesset just asked for greater leniency on the part of his fellow Jews in judging your admittedly not always so friendly comments on the floor of the Knesset. Far from becoming a "racial state," it's quite clear that the Israeli government, with the support of the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews, is taking steps to keep the violent racists among them under wraps.

Would that the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza, who routinely call for a Judenfrei state, were even able to imagine acting so decisively. Be grateful for the side of the Green Line you were born on, Mr. Barakeh. There's a real racial state being born just across the way, and you're free to go there any time you like.

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