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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Defending Kerry? 

Heaven forfend! No, I was just pointing out that the worst possible interpretation, the the Kerry Campaign was trying to conduct some sort of pre-election diplomacy, probably wasn't true. Even then, until Sen. Kerry comes up with some better explanation of why he slandered hundreds of thousands of his former comrades in uniform upon his return to the States, when they were still overseas, I wouldn't put anything like that past him. Certainly former Presidents Carter and Clinton have seen fit to conduct foreign policy without a mandate recently, so it's not as big a jump for an aspiring president to do so.

Still, the sins of the email are multiple. Aside from it being easily forseeable that such an email would find its way to the desk of a foreign government news service, it was sent there. While not quite while letting opposition research get its hands on your debate briefing book, it probably shouldn't inspire confidence in a President Kerry's handling of the intelligence services. It proposes the kind of policy that obviously gladdens the hearts of our enemies. It completely fails to understand what provides security for Americans living abroad. It does so by confusing popularity with respect, and by proposing the sort of internationalist submission that would have Saddam still palace-hopping, Libya still bomb-building.

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