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Monday, February 09, 2004

"Negotiation Intervention" 

On Thursday, Mr. Matt Hodes of the Carter Center will grace DU with his presence, to tell us about the Geneva Initiative. I'll bet he's for it. I can't promise a report from the scene, since class runs until 1, but we'll see...

According to the announcement, Mr. Hodes "maintain[s] readiness for potential negotiation interventions globally." I shudder to think what a Carter-led "intervention" would look like with respect to Israel. A bunch of Carterites in suits, parachuted in to the negotiations, all saying things like,

"You know you've got to dismantle all the settlements, Sharon."

"The Wall was a terrible idea, Sharon, why not just admit it and move on?"

"You're in denial, Sharon. If you don't come around, we're going to manipulate the next elections to get Bibi elected."

"Or Peres."

"Just sign; Sharia's not so bad, really, once you get used to it."

Just as a test of self-control, I may go.

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