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Thursday, September 25, 2003

MEMRI Ticker

Today's MEMRI Ticker has lots of interesting news, some of it very good.

  • In a document obtained by Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Al-Qa'ida admits that there are spies in its ranks, particularly among the volunteers in Iraq, and calls for their elimination as a lesson to others.

    Again, a main component of the Axis of Evil is worried about its internal integrity. Assuming the document is real, this is exceptionally good news. If Al Qaeda is putting out an APB for suspicious characters, they either have a real security hole, or think they do. If Iraqis really are infiltrating Al Qaeda, then our invasion is already paying great dividends; it means that we're significantly more popular among large segments of the Iraqi population than the press is leading us to believe; it means that, far from falling into their trap for us in Iraq, we've led them into ours. It's also likely that they found out about their little security problem through compromised operations and exposed cells. Even if the Al Qaeda brass is overreacting, they'll be devoting resources to counter-intelligence, and we've put them squarely on the defensive. I can't see any way that this is a bad thing.

  • During a graduation ceremony for new officers of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah ‘Ali Khamenai, warned that any politician who tries to compromise with the U.S. would be dismissed. He also described any attempt to attack Iran as suicide and claimed that 'the chopping off the hands of robbers and the greedy ones' [in Iran] is one of main reasons for animosity towards the Islamic Regime.

    He made this announcement to brand new Revolutional Guards, filled with pride and looking at a long and satisfying career of suppressing their neighbors. To me, that is intended to signal these internal enemies that the mullahs won't be shy about turning the Guards loose on them. The fact that such a warning is necessary implies that the internal threat to the regime is real. Or at least they think it is.

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