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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

More Hillary

This from a Washington Post report:

Instead, she said, she will work actively for whomever becomes the Democratic nominee to try to defeat Bush. "I am convinced, totally, that four more years of this administration, unaccountable, no election at the end, would be an overwhelming setback for our country and I will do everything I can to elect whoever emerges from this process."

Whoa. "...unaccountable, no election at the end"? What in the Wide, Wide World o' Sports is she talking about here? Is this a dig at the 2000 Florida election, or is she suggesting that we're all living in the West Bank? She probably just means that the Administration will feel no responsibility in a 2nd term. She's certainly got first-hand experience with a President who did behave that way, especially in January of 2001, but there's no evidence that Bush thinks this way. The office is bigger than you, Hillary, the office is always bigger than you.

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