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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

You know, the article also talks about the "special needs" of Jews, particularly those working at Coors, its example case. I have never demanded special treatment because I'm Jewish. I want the holidays off, and I've always offered to exchange Federal holidays for Jewish ones, or to make up the time, or to take leave without pay if I have to. I've always tried to avoid taking vacation, since I thought we were supposed to be sensitive to religious issues, and since sitting in shul for 5 hours next to someone who hasn't bathed in three days (Orthodox Jews don't use hot water for bathing on holidays or Shabbat - we do bathe the rest of the year) while trying to keep track of how long we have to go until the fast is over isn't my idea of a vacation. But that's about it. Usually, companies are pretty generous about this stuff, and I've even had CFO's tell me not to worry about it. But I've never asked for that, and don't expect it.

Likewise, I've never asked a company to order special food for the barbecue, put a menorah next to the Christmas tree, or forgo Good Friday since we just got over being personally and individually blamed for Easter. Sometimes, people go out of their way, and I try to be nice about it and tell them, really, it's ok, I appreciate it, but it's ok if I go to a Christmas party and I don't feel excluded or insulted.

So here's the question: what special needs? Other than Shabbat and the holidays, and not expecting me to wolf down the spare ribs, what special concerns? C'mon people, grow up.

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