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Thursday, June 19, 2003

More on toy guns. Apparently, Cynthia Carter, the anal Annapolis Alderman, was on Michael Medved's radio show yesterday. Now Medved can be as unfair and confrontational as Bill O'Reilly when it suits him, but he gave the woman enough rope to hang herself with, and she pretty much demonstrated all the skills that the local community college noose-tying course can give you. But when it became apparent that Medved himself wasn't going in for the kill, the callers made it clear that they didn't take her seriously, and she hung up. She waited until a commercial break, hung up, and then wouldn't answer her phone. I suppose it stands to reason that a person with no sense of play wouldn't have a sense of humor, either.

I will give her one point, which Medved acknowledged and claimed not to understand. Medved grew up in California, but has spent lots of time elsewhere, and has a pretty peculiar accent. So when he called her "alderwoman," it really did sound like "older woman." He didn't do this on purpose, and professed not to understand why some callers thought this was a problem, which just goes to demonstrate how completely unaware people are of their own speech patterns.

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