View From a Height
Commentary from the Mile High City
Monday, June 16, 2003

Jefferson County just can't seem to get a good sherrif. Their latest has turned out to be an alcoholic, and not only hasn't resigned, he's fighting a recall initiative from his own campaign manager. Naturally, the paper quotes from the father of one of the victims of the county's most famous crime, Columbine. But in this case, he's got something useful to ask; why did the guy run for an office he knew he couldn't handle?

The Sherrif was found passed out in his police car, with a BAC of 0.4, yes, 0.4. He was lucky he wasn't found dead. I can understand how alcohol can warp the judgment of someone badly enough to think that they can hold a job they're obviously unfit for. But when he's sober, now, when he's in treatment, when he's taking 20% of his time off for that treatment, how can he possibly think he's entitled to continue in this job?

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