View From a Height
Commentary from the Mile High City
Sunday, May 18, 2003
As Colorado's new concealed-carry law goes into effect, the two newspapers in town have two different stories. The lead in the Denver Post shows why math professors shouldn't be making public policy. One CU prof, with more schooling than education, "used to think of the University of Colorado campus as a "safe zone" because its no-guns policy was so strictly enforced." Right. I'm sure that had Columbine found a toothpick in a 9th-grader's locker, they'd have sent him home for a week, demanding to know what kind of food he was eating. Are there any reports, any reports of campus police making random sweps through classrooms? No, because the campus civil libertarians would only allow it if the police were given blinders to make sure they couldn't see any of the books they were carrying. I'm sure he figured that the UN could keep Saddam in check, too.

Fortunately, a woman from the provinces has more common sense. 1 - it levels the playing field. 2 - law-abiding citizens get permits.

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