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Tuesday, April 08, 2003
The guys at NRO will love this one. A Denver jury has convicted three nuns after they waltzed into a restricted military area housing nuclear missiles, and made a somewhat, um, brash display of disapproval.

A couple of things worth noting. First, the defense attorney was Walter Gerash, Denver's own version of Johnny Cochran. Not necessarily know for race-baiting, he's certainly a tireless self-promoter with a penchant for high-profile, left-wing cases. The jury foreman said that while they all agreed with the nuns' politics (noting somewhat over-broadly that "nobody in America wants nuclear weapons;" I want nuclear weapons), they still voted to convict. No doubt Mr. Gerash used the well-honed techniques for exploiting our deeply flawed jury-selection rules to find a liberal jury, one that can't even conceive of alternate political opinions. But they still showed tremendous maturity, and the wisdom of the jury system, in putting aside those politics and voting to convict anyway.

Of course, Mr. Gerash calls it a "casualty of war," but this sort of showboating is really a casualty of seriousness. Judaism doesn't have nuns, or even monks, but there's something unseemly about women using their status as nuns for this sort of thing. It's not quite the same thing as pastors screeching anti-war hysteria from the pulpit of the National Cathedral, but it's pretty close.

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